hal cohen, business & Technology advisor

Hal is a seasoned technologist, business strategist, and entrepreneur, with extensive experience in both corporate and start-up environments. He has achieved success in a variety of companies in diverse vertical markets including mass media, human resources, and nonprofit education. Hal co-founded BioStream in 2015.

Prior to starting BioStream, Hal co-founded The Change Club, a non-profit providing free consulting services to charitable organizations. He helped develop strategic plans for Rock to the Future, a youth development organization that provides free music education and tutoring to lower-income Philadelphia students, and Lines of Hope for Cancer, which provides information to cancer patients about alternative and complementary therapies.

Prior to his charitable work, Hal co-founded Trend Integration, LLC where he served as CEO from the company’s inception in 2002. Trend Integration leveraged advances in technology to create an innovative process for capturing verbal and nonverbal response data from diverse groups of individuals, storing, organizing, and delivering the data to clients via a proprietary web-based user interface, and enabling clients to evaluate the response data and manage those evaluations. Clients like the Federal Government, JetBlue Airways, AAA, and Towers Watson used Trend Integration’s suite of solutions to screen millions of job candidates.

Hal has also served as President and CEO of MediaStream, an IT start-up of Knight Ridder providing publishers with solutions for acquiring, archiving, and reselling text and image content. While at Knight Ridder, Hal directed the development of multiple products, including the SAVE archive system, which became the leading archive system of major U.S. newspapers through the 1990s. Hal has also worked for multiple organizations as a software and hardware engineer.

Hal holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Temple University. He enjoys running, camping, skiing, and writing.