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Miriam zisook, autism technology designer

Miriam is an industrial and interaction designer (and social worker in training) based in Boston, MA. Her focus is on the design of programs and technology to support emotional health, community participation, and communication for people with disabilities.

Early on in her work as an industrial designer, Miriam found a passion for working on projects that benefit people with disabilities. Her undergraduate thesis was an exploration of design of assistive technology for communication in inclusive classrooms. Since then, she has collaborated with engineers and clinicians on projects focused on autism, assistive technology, and healthcare more broadly at institutions such as Harvard's Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, the MIT Media Lab, and Northeastern's Computational Behavioral Science Lab. She also recently hosted a conference focused on designing products aimed at supporting the autistic community.

Miriam is the founder of Unstoppable Studio, a design studio and (soon to be) clinical practice specializing in the intersection of design and disability.