Steven farber, science advisor

Steve is a scientist and professor who has served as an advisor to BioStream since its inception. He is passionate about cutting edge research and helping children, making BioStream a perfect fit.

Steve has degrees in Biomedical Engineering (B.S.E.E Rutgers, ’86), Technology and Policy (M.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ’89) and Molecular Neurobiology (Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ’93). Steve currently works as a Principal Investigator at the Carnegie Institution for Science, and as an Adjunct Professor at Johns Hopkins University. He is a world leader in lipid metabolism and genetic screening research, having published numerous papers and won many awards.

Steve has also created Project BioEYES, a science outreach program that provides classroom-based learning opportunities through the use of live zebrafish. The mission of the program is to foster an enthusiasm for science education, promote interest for future participation in a biology-related field, and allow all students the opportunity to learn life science through a hands-on, student-centered approach to instruction. Approximately 100,000 students have participated to date.