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As Director of Technology, David is incredibly excited for the opportunity to combine his passion for bringing relevant computer technology to market with his passion to help children. He brings over 25 years of hands-on product management and programming experience in the educational technology market to the BioStream team. Throughout his career, David has established a track record of success in taking on complex technology challenges and building relationships with clients, educators, senior management, designers, and technical staff to reach optimal solutions. He has served as a credentialed (PMP) project manager of multi-disciplinary teams including domestic and overseas vendors using a variety of methodologies. 

David’s interest in computer technology started in college and continued as he progressed through the ranks of programmer, project lead, product manager, and company leader. He has worked for companies including Catapult Learning, Achieve3000, Trend Integration, American Education Corporation, American Express, Control Data, and was CTO, COO, and President of Dolphin, a boutique custom software developer creating award winning products for large educational publishers including McGraw-Hill, Pearson, Houghton Mifflin, Oxford University Press, and ETS. His career started at the Computer-Based Education Research Lab (CERL PLATO) at the University of Illinois where he created multi-player bargaining experiments and was co-author of one of the first multi-user dungeon (MUD) games.

David holds a B.A. degree in Economics with a Computer Science minor from the University of Illinois and is a credentialed (PMP) project manager.